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Life Insurance

As part of a holistic retirement and estate plan based on the individual needs of each client, Ramer Retirement Resources can help you leverage the benefits of insurance solutions that provide death benefits, protect assets, mitigate taxes and most importantly, provide you with peace of mind.

Simplified Issue Whole Life

  • Create Legacy quickly and easily
  • Most policies may be issued with limited underwriting
  • Insurance coverage available immediately in some cases

Fixed Indexed Universal Life

  • Growth potential with stock market linked returns in policy
  • Death benefits regardless of market performance in many circumstances

Survivorship Universal Life

  • Prepare beneficiaries for any unā€paid expenses left behind
  • No Lapse Guarantee ensures that as long as premiums are met there will be a death benefit


Indexed Annuities

Income Annuities

Bonus Annuities

Market-Indexed Returns 

Chronic and Critical Illness

The cost of long-term health care is staggering. Many people don’t plan for them, in part, because they don’t want to think about it. But there are insurance solutions that can provide you with protection, so long-term care costs don’t derail your retirement income or take wealth away from your family.

Fixed Annuities with LTC Benefit Plans

Universal Life with LTC Linked Benefit Plans

Traditional Long Term Care Insurance

Catastrophic Illness

Alternative LTC Planning with “Linked Benefit Plans”

The increasing and unexpected costs of long-term care can be catastrophic to your quanltiy of life and retirement plans. Preparing for the potential need for long-term care makes great sense, especially if you can help protect your existing assets at the same time. Your loved ones will also benefit from your preparations. Linked Benefit Plans provide guaranteed benefits you can utilize to reimburse qualified long-term care costs, helping to protect your retirement assets. It offers a simple solution that makes sense for today and for tomorrow. While Ramer Retirement Resources has access to some great annuity-LTC linked benefit products, most of our planning has been done using Life Insurance/LTC linked plans. Typically paid with a single premium payment, they can provide multiple benefit options to cover an individual’s or spouse’s needs including a money-back guarantee, minimum death benefit and long-term care benefit guarantees. Life/LTC linked plans basically utilize a life insurance policy with a rider that accelerates the specified amount of death benefit to pay for covered long-term care expenses. The cost of riders are usually deducted from the policy value. The costs of long-term care continue to rise rapidly. We want to provide you with peace of mind in knowing an unexpected event will not derail your financial future.

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