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Retirement Planning

Planning for Life

Today we are living much longer than past generations. While this is great news, there are financial, legal, tax and estate related issues that may be come significant later if we don’t think about them now. While an additional decade of life, or more, is a joyous gift, it is also a reality for which you should plan. An understanding of these issues, and planning for the possibilities, is the best way to protect quality of life and peace of mind for today and the future. Creating a solid plan for your future can help ensure that you retire comfortably and enjoy those extra years. In addition, a solid plan could potentially allow you to leave as much as possible to your loved ones and create a lasting legacy. It also helps provide the protection to avoid potential financial devastation due to unexpected or unplanned circumstances.

At Ramer Retirement Resources we will take an honest look at your age, your assets, your life expectancy, potential health care costs, and the lifestyle you seek in retirement. Being honest and using conservatively based numbers during this step is essential, and it ensures there are no negative “surprises” as you get close to your retirement day, or during your retirement years. We help you create a plan so you don’t run out of money during retirement.

Unfortunately, many Americans are unprepared when it comes to their retirement needs. Our expectations for Social Security or other defined benefit pension plans may not be realistic or include all the potential risks. Creating a successful retirement plan includes many factors that span from assessing potential risks to making financial decisions. The choices you make today have a profound impact on your tomorrow.

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