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Carroll Ramer

Carroll Ramer


Carroll strongly believes that the right planning can change peoples’ lives, and he finds joy in helping people come up with plans that are right for them. “Each of us has our own unique situation, our own unique retirement puzzle to solve. I love working with my clients to identify that puzzle, and then figure out a plan that will give them a strong, secure future they can rely upon for the rest of their lives.”

“There are risks out there. There are unknowns. But you can plan for those unknowns. I want to pave a road that is not only headed in the right direction today but also in the future.”

Carroll and Amy live in Rochester, MN and have two adult children. Logan who has joined the business and Laurel who is a pharmacist at Mayo Clinic.

Carroll’s clients include Fortune-500 executives, actors, and professional painters. “No matter your walk of life, I look forward to meeting you, discussing what keeps you up at night, and finding a solution.”

Carroll is not licensed to provide investment advice or sell securities. Retirement solutions presented by Carroll will be through the use of insurance products.