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Client Centered 

Client Centered 

For over 29 years, and continuing today – The Ramer Retirement Team is focused on doing two things for their clients. The first is to help their clients plan for their financial futures. The second is to help provide their clients achieve the piece of mind in knowing they have a plan in place.

At Ramer Retirement Resources, we take a holistic approach to the needs of our clients, and understand that each person’s financial situation is unique. We believe when it comes to retirement planning, everyone has a challenge, a unique problem to solve. Carroll and Logan have a passion for getting to the heart of that challenge, by crafting a 360-degree-plan that puts you, the client, into a position where you have a plan for retirement. 

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The Ramer Retirement Resources Team

The end result of our process is a financial plan. A plan that provides a foundation for your financial future; one that is grounded in research and financial principles. This helps provide you with peace of mind, in knowing that you have a plan in place that has you, and your family, covered for some of the many uncertainties that life brings your way.

Local Focus

Local Focus

Located in Rochester, MN Ramer Retirement Resources is focused on helping the families of Southeastern Minnesota achieve their retirement goals. Regardless of what your retirement may look like, it is our mission to create a lasting relationship with you, our neighbors, that will continue for the rest of our lives.

Whether it is teaching retirement courses at Rochester Community College or sitting down with you in our office, you will see the passion and commitment we have to educate and serve our community in their retirements.

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Carroll is not licensed to provide investment advice or sell securities. Retirement solutions provided by Carroll will be through the use of insurance products.